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JD Voice over artist

"Alyssa recently constructed a web site for my business.  I was very impressed with Alyssa’s global perspective as to the what, how and why in website construction.  In addition to gathering information about my business and about my professional experience, Alyssa carefully crafted a website that not only was very attractive, but also was informative and easy for prospective clients to use.  Her design not only had “face appeal” but also provided for my brand as well as for strategic analysis of who came to the site along with how interested and in what they were interested in finding.  This type of thoroughness in design provided much needed insight for my business/marketing plan.  And, Alyssa’s work was very cost effective, especially compared to some of the competition at greater expense with much less functional and aesthetic result.  The final product is great in so many ways.  Thank you, Alyssa!"

professional website design for vocalist