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What’s the perfect Portland spot? Probably somewhere bright with high ceilings and natural light. Quality-obsessed, detail-oriented coffee service. Oh, and bicycles — definitely bicycles.

We’re, of course, describing Breadwinner Cafe, an awesome little cafe off of North Williams. It’s the workshop and caffeine that fuels the famous hand-made, custom-made Breadwinner Cycles.

Almost nothing gets as Portland as this.


If you don’t know by now, Breadwinner bicycles are premier Portland-made bikes. The workshop where these bikes are meticulously crafted is connected to the cafe with a huge window lined with a bar and stools. In you’re in for a tune-up, watch these experts tinker with your bike while you see to your caffeine fix — this is the only place in town with a front row seat.

And we can’t forget the quality coffee.


It’s small, quiet, entertaining, and undeniably delicious. Let’s break that down a little though.

Breadwinner Cafe serves Water Avenue espresso and food. It’s food for bikers by bikers. That means it’s food to fuel your upcoming ride or nourish your post-ride exhausted body.

The menu itself is pleasantly simple and carefully crafted. Here, you’ll can find bagels, muesli, Columbia Gorge Juices, and an array of hearty sandwiches locally sourced and prepared in house. They also offer a select list of wine and beer from local favorites Baerlic Brewing, Grochau Cellars, and Ex Novo Brewing Co.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, just know this: you don’t need to have a problem to grab a hot Breadwinner blend with a friend. See you there.

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