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Strategy & UX -Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Dunkin Donut was looking to tell their coffee leadership story on their website. Alyssa ran the strategy of this project planning and executing user research, distilling user insights, developing a creative brief, and working with the client and creatives to bring this project to life.


Strategy and Idea

Dunkin’ coffee is, if anything, consistent. While this is a seemingly boring concept, we thought it was something that could be celebrated. Consistency is hard to achieve. Consistency is unexpected in a world of constant change. Flip it on its head and consistency can be funny, unique and ownable. We expressed this idea of consistency on the back of a platform we called: “The Greatness of Sameness.” An idea to drive home the point that Dunkin’ is the most consistently delicious coffee around, no matter how you take it—with cream or sugar, iced or hot.


Coffee Configurator

To help illustrate this idea of consistently great coffee, no matter how you drink it, we built a configurator. Dunkin’ fans are able to not only build their favorite Dunkin’ coffee, they’re also invited to proudly share it with the world, across social channels. 


Fans can’t get enough of their Dunkin’. So we provided some insider know-how, along with tips for brewing at home. Social sharing tools were also included in relevant places to encourage people to pass cool info along.