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Spoke N Spoon

Inspired by the Dabawallahs of Mumbai, wwoofing in Northern Michigan, and Ann Arbor's support for local food, Spoke N Spoon became an obvious alternative to unhealthy and wasteful lunching. 

Spoke N Spoon stands for sustainability, which is brought to life through all materials and the processes used. All packaging is compostable or recyclable, the business cards are printed on seeded & plantable paper, the shirts are made from organic cotton and printed locally with water-based ink, the delivery bag has been co-designed specifically for Spoke N Spoon with Matt Grandin and is made completely from reused material, and the list goes on.

I picked up some business classes to help guide the structuring and marketing of the business. Market and Consumer research informed my personas and journeys which led to initial prototyping. Partnering with local restaurants, the local bike community, a local screen printing shop, fellow Ann Arbor designers, and a handful of local offices to begin experimenting, I piloted the delivery service for five consecutive weeks and it was a huge success. So much so that I had to stop the business in order to finish school. A hard decision.

Spoke N Spoon was a concept business which came to life through and because of the passionate community that thrives and illuminates Ann Arbor.

Thanks to all the awesome people and organizations for participating!

EAT, The Brinery, Pot & Box, Roos Roast, Pilar's Tamales,  Darcy's cart, Matt Grandin, & Max Collins

See the Blog: http://alyssaip.wordpress.com/

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