Alyssa Ackerman is a designer and strategist focusing on User Experience research and insights. She lives in Portland but works internationally and focuses on website design, marketing, user experience strategy, content strategy, content creation, and graphic design. Her services range from mentoring, teaching, consulting, and content creation.

Branding & Identity

Market Research

We will explore the current market, industry trends, and the competitive landscape to develop a strategy and positioning that differentiates your brand.

User Research

We will run research with users to understand their needs, their challenges, and their current work arounds. By interviewing and observing user behavior, exploring consumer trends, and digging into your brand and your audience, we will be able to anchor creative decisions in consumer insights.

We will work with you to develop a content strategy and plan for creation. Whether you have a team of content creators but are unclear on which channels to leverage or you need content creation as a part of your strategy, we will work with you to develop content that provides value and builds a deeper relationship with you customer.

Content Strategy + Creation

Brand Strategy

What do you stand for? What differentiates you from your competition? What is the problem that you solve for your consumers? We will develop your brand strategy based on the above research.

Brand guidelines will highlight your visual language and tone of voice. It will highlight the colors, the style of photography, and the ways in which you will engaged with your consumers. This will create consistency among your team and through all of your customer touch points.

Brand Guidelines