Alyssa Ackerman is a designer and strategist focusing on User Experience research and insights. She lives in Portland but works internationally and focuses on website design, marketing, user experience strategy, content strategy, content creation, and graphic design. Her services range from mentoring, teaching, consulting, and content creation.


We do custom digital and print design including logos, illustration, album covers, packaging design, a-frame design, menu design, t-shirts, swag, and more. Contact us to share more about what you’re looking for.

Logo Design

Logo design includes three drafts and the development of a final design. Logos range from $300-$800.

Digital assets

Social media demands high quality visual content and we can help develop a library so you have assets to chose from. No more frantic content creation to get something live asap. Get a quote.

CD albums, stickers, signage, stationary, brochures, and more. Get a quote.

Print Design

Illustration and drawings range from children’s books to architectural drawings. Contact us to learn more.